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July 16, 2008

Radiohead – House of Cards

In Radiohead’s new video for “House of Cards”, no cameras or lights were used. Instead, 3D plotting technologies collected information about the shapes and relative distances of objects. The video was created entirely with visualizations of that data.

I wouldn’t want to watch an entire movie made in this style but the song is great.


June 9, 2008

Pork And Beans

Watch the official video for “Pork and Beans” from Weezer starring some familiar YouTube faces. New Self-Titled “Red Album” out June 3rd, 2008!

April 29, 2008

An Engineer’s Guide to Cats

And now a video for all cat lovers. In this video two professional engineers illustrate the proper care and practical benefits of cats. None of the cats, humans, or engineers were mistreated in the making of this film. They were however, slightly annoyed.

April 17, 2008

Stupid Internal Microsoft Vista SP1 Video

Stupid Internal Microsoft Vista SP1 Video where a hired Bruce Springsteen band must sings the praises of Vista’s SP1 release.

This video could be considered funny if it wasn’t ridiculously stupid. And everybody knows that Vista sucks and is far worse than XP.

April 10, 2008

Mary J Blige Just Fine

The steps in this video turned into complete dance frenzy. Many people love that just fine dance and want to learn that dance step by step.

December 7, 2007

Björk – Declare Independence

Björk – Declare Independence

November 27, 2007

Quiet Riot

RIP Kevin.

This is Quiet Riot with the song: Cum On Feel the Noize from the album Metal Health, 1983. Kevin DuBrow – Vocals

November 20, 2007

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

Filed under: celebrities,cool,cute,movie,music,queen,rhapsody,video — Olivia @ 6:36 pm

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

September 10, 2007

Mouse And Cheese

Small clip with music about the mouse Raymond and his lve for cheese

August 12, 2007

Animusic Pipes Dream

Filed under: amazing,computers,cool,cute,funny,internet,music,Pipe+Dream,video,wow — Olivia @ 4:59 pm

Animusic. Pipes Dream. A group of percussion instruments perform music by way of metal balls that fly out from pipes.

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